The starting materials in our area are very numerous. These are usually classified into natural materials (of vegetable or animal origin), plastics (here genuine material such as mother of pearl or staghorn is frequently imitated) and metal (cast materials and materials for stamped and embossed sheet metal buttons). In many of our special designs, materials are combined, such as for example plastic or horn with metal.

Along with criteria such as resistance, the choice of materials is also subject to fashion trends, the spirit of the times or the philosophy of our customers.

A small afterthought from our side: natural materials need not necessarily be more resistant and ecological than plastics.

  • Polyamide
  • PMMA(acrylic)
  • Polycarbonate
  • ABS
  • Metal - zamak
  • Meta - tin
  • Metal - brass plate
  • Staghorn
  • Cattle horn and buffalo horn
  • Vegetable ivory
  • Peach stone
  • Mother of pearl
  • Bone
  • Leather
  • Polyester, PMMA plates and rods
  • Synthetic horn (casein)
  • Wood
  • Melamine and urea
  • Varnish, cast resin, paints

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