We see ourselves as a European quality business. Since our customers come from many areas, different requirements are imposed on the production process and when sorting depending on whether we are producing a button, an item of jewellery or an emblem. Our defined quality control and our experience guarantee you a high degree of reliability. Complaints or defects which may rarely occur, but do occur in the course of new products, are dealt with immediately as a high priority.

Washing and chemical cleaning

Since our parts are very different, a basic resistance cannot be assumed. We are pleased to provide you with information on the resistance of the products that you have selected. Please let us know how your clothing is to be treated. In individual cases it is appropriate to subject new buttons or accessories to a washing or cleaning test.


Request our ÖKO Tex certificate: most of our products comply with ÖKO Tex 100. All dyes and materials used comply with the environmental provisions of the European Union.

Monitoring and sorting, tolerances

Depending on the production process, trained employees monitor our products individually, or random samples are taken from production batches. Many models are handled several times and thereby monitored before they are finished. Colour tolerances or dimensional tolerances are specified and tolerance samples are used as specification for the monitoring.

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